Karen Grace – San Antonio, Texas

Meet ms irrelevant, Karen grace, she did the weekend news till she was forced out and she did not resign due to medical. Reasons. You can find this over 40 year old at oiattis every day by the bar or with one of her sugar daddies. You can also find her at the rustic trying to be cool. By the way, dress your age. You are embarrassing to us classy women in San Antonio. And stop posting your everyday excursions, we don’t care what you do or what you wear! Besides we know your I’d life line is failing miserably so you are on a sugar daddy website and that is where you get your money and clothes! The only man she post is some old man with glasses that is her main sugar daddy! Also, stop putting down George’s keep because they are not letting you in because they know your reputation and it is all true! We have the profile of her on the site! We don’t want to be your floozy place to meet other sugar daddies! Also, all those events and charities, do you know you have hired a floozy to represent you? Plus, all those parties she goes to do you know your husband is probably sleeping with your husband to make her Sales! The truth is comin out!

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  1. In San Antonio, Texas, money talks. This is true everywhere but especially here, where Karen Grace has more than most due to her hard work at the news station and doing private interviews with elderly men in the oil biz. Weekend News wasn’t her only gig and she learned as a child that to get a head in work you needed two jobs. Being a quik student with moreately good looks she went forth and has made her mark in San Antonio. She has a small ranch and grows cactus and tomatos. Her elderly friend who she’ll probbably inherit another fortune is one of those old school men who still drives around in a cadillac with steer horns hanging off the front. He likes Karen to dress up like a madam and they drive around slowly on side streets and she waves like a celebrity. People down south are pretty friendly and most wave back while they snicker under their breath. You can be friendly and not friendly at the same time, but Eligh doesn’t realize this and just grins and avoids mailboxes with his wide turns.

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