Julie Lozano — Midland, Texas

Julie Lozano is a gross stripper and a floozy, she goes from city to city is a w***e and floozy’s self for money or anything else she wants. You can also find her at many of the strip clubs in the Midland area, And she got her little sister hooked on meth well what a good big sister. She loves to show off her nasty naked self, Where are the morals at people. Julie even has a young daughter she is teaching this s**t too wow. I wish social services would just take her daughter way so her daughter could have a better chance at life. I feel so bad for her child and the embarrassment she’s gonna grow up with knowing her moms the town floozy. Julie does everyone a fave and grow the h**l up and be a proper mother to your precious daughter and stop stripping, No One wants to see your nasty body anyway. And more importantly your gross stretched out super loose pu55y.

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