Juanita Rosas — San Antonio, Texas

Juanita said she wouldn’t mind sucking another nasty d**k for another hit off dude’s pipe. He got it done for a hit of residue, his pipe was on empty just like last dude’s. There’s only one other b***h in the trap house and she’s determined to get a good hit, f**k these cheaters, one of the last three dudes is going to get her best if he saves her just one good hit. His dog is staring at her like it’s crazy or h***y, Juanita can’ tell for sure, she’s geeking too bad and trembling with excitement as she sees a lighter flare. She doesn’t get that excited to see her own kids, wherever they are, but she thinks about them once in awhile, wonders if her momma remembers to feed them something.

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