Jill Narin trouble trouble trouble houston/pflugerville/killeen

So I’ve know this chick since I got out the military in 05, she had a boyfriend at the time by the name eddie who was a military contractor. He was overseas and they were living together on dove street in killeen.

I met her on yahoo messenger is how long it has been lol, anyway I randomly f*** her when the time is convenient for us. I got married and left her alone for years. I run into her again in 2013 after my divorce and its the same thing. Random s*x however this time she wants relationship. Me knowing she cheated on eddie with me plus the fact that in 30 something odd year she has acquired the things of an 17 year old girl I was like no jill let’s just be friends.

Long story short I was never seen anywhere or done anything with her to make her believe we would be anything. Long story short she posted me on this website full of lies and stupid s***. The most public place we were ever seen besides the one time we went out to eat was in the hotel lobby’s going to our room to f***.

Women like this should be ashamed of themselves. Misery loves company and all these years later she is still miserable. Over the years every guy she has ever been with has cheated on her or left her due to her being an kid in a adult body. But she decides to pick me to player over the Internet.

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  1. Message to: Jill Narin

    If you want to tell us about soldier boy in your own words, defend yourself, I think that might be able to shed light on this situation and the many others like it.
    For example,
    Did he say he loved you? Liked you?
    Want to go halves on a baby with you?
    Want to be seen in public with you?
    Tell you you were like a kid when he was trying to get you into bed?
    Maybe he’s jealous and fantasizing about being with you?
    I can’t tell from his description of events on why he cheated on his wife with you?

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