Jill Jones — Paris, Texas

Jill is a friend of mine and she has been messing with a married man. She has been caught on multiple occasions but nevertheless she continues. She has an extensive criminal history, and she never takes care of her girls. She is currently bumming off of a friend and keeps trying to get the guy to come stay with her. She was introduced to him through the current guys step father who is her manager at work, she is a cashier at the local brookshires. She acknowledges that she is a “Side b***h” and that he only talks to her when she is “intoxicated” but she just wont stop. I’ve told her what she is doing is wrong but she just won’t listen. I cant deal with it anymore. Beware!

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  1. Jill Jones will mess with your man or her man or his man or their man or any man whose eye she can catch. Just like the rest of us whores in the world, each looking for the one for us. Some get lucky and find the one for them and things last a long time. Most won’t know the one for them until they figure out the ones who are not for them and why they’re not the ones for them. t**s too small d**k too small ugly ugly
    too short too tall too fat too skinny too talkative too quiet too rich too poor
    I’m sure you’ll narrow it down for yourself and then ask better questions next time
    or keep on looking and good luck, the “one” is scarcer than a dodo bird

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