Jessica Lucas – Aubrey, Texas

This married woman inserted herself into our small group of friends. She gains sympathy by playing on the fact that she had or has cancer. She is married with a daughter on the high school cheer squad. She began an affair with a married man, who had been with me for a total of 9 years. She is Sneaking around and lying to both men (her husband and mine) She has convinced mine to stay away from all of his friends and family. He has moved into an apartment and waiting on her to leave her husband. She took her 13 year old daughter on “dates” with my husband. What an example she is setting for her daughter? She goes to extreme measures to communicate with my husband and alienate him from all his family and friends.

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  1. Check his statement for unknown charges, he may be paying, taking money from your family when everyone knows there’s no cure for cancer. Are you a good housekeeper? Make sure it’s in your name and lawyer up now if there are assets. Keep everything and cure your sadness from his indiscretion.

  2. Jessica Lucas used to be on the board of directors for a local non-profit think tank, here in Aubrey, Texas. She left the board to pursue other interests, namely cancer research. She has no degree yet has a “phd” in world experience. She coaches her daughters’ cheer squad and sleeps with the fathers of the other girls on the team as well as her baby daddy. She thinks her daughter is starting to suspect something, being extremely intuitive like her mother. Like everything else in her life, this comes easily and with little or no exertion on her part. Jessica doesn’t want more children but loves the one she has. She wants to set a good example but is also aware that a lot of the other girls’ mothers eye her suspiciously whenever they see her with any man, including her own. This is got her to thinking she needs to make another change and is currently weighing her options.

  3. She tells guys threesums are the best way to beat the cancer but she doesnot know for sure, she heard it from some guys in the clubs she used to go to. Then she asks them if they ever heard this is true? They usually look at each other and then at her is she serious. Sometimes it works and sometimes it dont but she likes the line and if they arent down with that then she asks for donation to cancer cure. They always buy drinks for her if they want to hear more and she got good donations to. She felt guilty tho and starting hanging out with her old friends again.

  4. Let’s just add to this by saying that every woman that was present when this post was made, is one or all of these things….a serial cheater themselves, is involved in an open marriage or actually does sexual “favors” for money and has tried to cheat with the same man that is mentioned, themselves. 🙄 I could list names, but the whole town already knows.

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