Jennifer Marie Huckabee – Katy, Texas

This c*nt here knew my husband was married but yet she likes f*cking him everyday in the morning and afternoon before he comes home! They both are to blame and I know this! Keep this b***h away from your husbands! She lives stealing men! This is her second one as far I know! She stole her fiancé from his wife and children! Sad excuse for a woman!! So give her a call, she’ll probably suck your d!ck!

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  1. I gave Jen a call to see about a good ol d**k suckin and got voicemail. Story about me – get to many teeth, voicemail, second and third choice. I see here give this girl a call to get d**k suck and when I call back phone cutoff. This bullshit Jen -pick up the phone

  2. Jennifer Marie Huckabee is asking for your help.
    Does this negligee make her look lopsided?
    She’s going to pose from different angles and welcomes your feedback.
    Pouty lips or no? This could take awhile so don’t hate, just give honest opinion.
    Yea or eh!

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