Jack Brants — Georgetown, Texas

This deadbeat has a gorgeous daughter who isn’t even two yet but he wants nothing to do with her. His WIFE, yes, I said wife because he is still married, had their baby 4 days after he left for Afghanistan. He came back 7 months later and wanted to do nothing but drink, smoke, and play golf. He was discharged from the Marines in June of 2012 and never got a job but left to move back home to Texas to supposedly get one. Since he left he has not provided anything for his baby. Since he and his wife separated he has had up to 3 girlfriends and told them all he got blown up overseas which never happened and that his wife took all his money and refused to let him see their child. All that never happened. He’s a POS. He has apparently left Texas and moved to Alaska, but nobody can confirm that. His girlfriend is also moving to be with him. His wife started the divorce process in December. Be warned and do not have a child with this loser!

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