Hannah Diener — Sulphur Springs, Texas

My friends husband reached out to Hannah Diener – told her that he was married. She was really “concerened” the first day, but quickly the naked selfies from both parties started. Little did they know that His wife would catch on; they met up for some parking lot s*x at the hospital she works at- fancy! When he stopped talking to her she got mad and posted “if you’re married don’t talk to me” I mean honey you knew he was married… don’t feel sorry for yourself. I feel bad for how it ruined my friends marriage and how their two kids moved from what they knew. From asking around town- this isn’t the first time she has done this

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  1. lol !
    I had to stay overnight in the hospital for a fever and was resting my head against the coolness of the window looking out over the almost empty parking lot wondering at my unfortunate circumstances when I see this woman in nurses uniform walk out and get into someones car. It wasn’t hers because she got in passenger seat and there was someone sitting behind the wheel. Turns out it wasn’t her ride home. She pulled up her skirt and straddled the driver. She bounced for a couple minutes with the dome light on and then rearranged herself before reentering the hospital. I thought maybe I was hallucinating at first and then I read this post. I might have witnessed this documentation of events. Or was it the fever? I forgot all about it until I just read this post but now think it was true.

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