Francis Elizondo — Houston, Texas

This is Francis Elizondo greatest fraud and homewhrecker in Houston. Right around an expert at it after 3 child daddies. As yet attempting to discover her pot of gold lol not here b***h! Remove your goldddinng a*5 from Houston u are went through. !!!! Endeavors to top with a Bentley that she doesn’t have, u can’t continue turning plates from vehicle to vehicle to make it appear as though they yours lmao. She Doesn’t have anything under her name as yet leasing. Same shopping packs a year later in pics. While topping turns out badly. Professing to have so much cash yet she only a betting old alcoholic. She professes to have solid catholic accepts and says she goes to chapel yet laying down with wedded man isn’t the catholic activity says she isn’t that sort of ladies however she is even after she was told he was hitched despite everything she asking for the d**k and informing him “wish u were here” lol take your parched a*5 elsewhere discover a men your age. Quit pursuing youthful folks. No multi year challenge for u all that work and Botox simply make your short a*s look plastic and extortion simply like your spirit. G*d don’t care for appalling miss “catholic young lady” … many individuals have more cash than you babygirl u simply frantic u couldn’t get in his pocket… NEXT!!!

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  1. One time she got in the pocket of a used car salesman, sounds like she kept the rotating plate. He probably doesn’t realize the loss because he’s as fake as she is, capping in the clubs 5 nights a week. It would be 7 nights a week but the coin doesn’t stretch like that and she needs to dip into the store and try on some new clothes to take the next selfie. She takes pictures right in the changing room, stretching them and rubbing off some of her body odor at the same time. If she buys something, she makes sure it’s returnable.

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