Emily Quintero — San Antonio, Texas

Emily Quintero is a girl I’ve been fuking and here she is fuking others. But I’m ok with it cus she’s just a sometimes f*k, she calls about 2 times a week so we can f*k, Stop asking for diapers for your kid I ain’t buying u s**t remember your just a girl I f*k. I ain’t your baby daddy. Apparently the other 2 guys And her boyfriend I found out about probably don’t know about each other, so that makes it 3 dudes and her boyfriend. Emelee! Girl!

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  1. Emily Quintero and Dannica Quintana both live in San Antonio, Texas, both have exes or current boyfriends who are so unhappy that they posted their girlfriends or exes on this website. Both women are pretty and probably dumped the dudes for real men. One guy says his girl wants diapers and the other one says his girl wants a daddy. I just want to say maybe the girls could meet and share the costs of living between them. Then, have their boyfriends over at the same time and dress one in a diaper and call the other one daddy as they use strap-ons to f**k their guys in the a*s. It could be live-streamed for the price of a ticket and the would help with the extra cost of batteries for their toys.

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