Don Jackson – Texas

Don Jackson is currently in Austin Texas but also stays in Little Rock Arkansas. I have been with this man for almost 5 years and during that time he’s not been faithful once. He’s always secretly making profiles on dating sites, Craig’s list, and even seeking out male attention when he claims to be straight. But he always has an excuse like “she’s a stalker”. “Who do I come home to at night?” Regardless if it’s 3 am. “Oh, it’s just a friend” lady’s he even puts the girl’s number in his phone under a dudes name so you will not know what’s up. If the girl calls he either will forward the call to voicemail or take the call in another room. The straw that broke the camels back? He left to go take care of business with his kids. Made a new Facebook profile added only 12 people who know his girl in Texas well she posted pics and he thought I wouldn’t be smart enough to find out about it. Lady’s just stay away from him!! Stay away from his family’s place of employment in Arkansas they are not worthy of your business.

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