Darrin DeWayne Porter – Lumberton, Texas

He is a liar a cheater and a fraud. A user abuser and a rapest. He prays on women. Be careful.

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  1. Darrin DeWayne Porter – Lumberton, Texas
    Darrin and Harry Dixon of Kansas, Missouri are known associates and run a low-level drug transfer business between Texas and Kansas. They both lost their licenses but employ perverts and junkies to do the transporting for them. They’re not big time, just lowlifes who like to rape women and get their next fix. Some of the flunkies and whores are pictured. If you know their names report them to the police before they abuse another girl.

      1. I’ve never known a Harry Dixon in my life ..
        I’ve never lost my license in this lifetime and nobody my circle is ever known me to do drugs all run drugs or sell drugs or anything. But I know who’s posting this and the slander will be taking care of.

      2. SIS. This dude is my DAD. Let me tell you something he was nothing but a trash can that abused me and my sister. So the “gentlemen” act he gave you was not true so you can get that out of here.

  2. Melissa, you musta dated him before they repo ed his HardlyDavidsen. He went crazy and took care of all three bank ladys. Each skull on his finger is for one of them and their memory of how he almost went back to prison. I can;t believe you didn’t notice his angry issues, it wasn’t just the bike, he’s psycho crazy before like when he drop his gun and it went off in the air. It is just a BB gun but he can’t have the real one after he got out the can. Be careful girlfriend, he take caring of you to. His little hand will look it funny with four rings all dead like skull. He a very bad man

        1. When you’re at work, he isn’t tells you he is. Has he convinced you you are crazy yet? That everything is all fake and he truly is the victim?

  3. Arnold or whoever you are. You’re a liar and illiterate. You can’t even spell must less tell the truth. He has his Harley. He never killed anyone. That’s such a lie. He’s never killed anyone that’s just junk jewelry. Get over your anger and leave the man alone.

  4. Liar, deceptive, Loser, sick freak. Can’t satisfy a woman. His manly is way too thin and weak, limp. No job, no life, just a loser wanting to mooch on women. Not a man of his word. Lies, lies, lies, lies, lies, lies, lies, lies

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