Chrissy Dominguez – San Antonio

Meet Chrissy Dominguez, San Antonio’s doorknob. Everyone gets a turn. Yet another woman from the river city that thinks she is hot in San Antonio but average everywhere else! She acts like she is hot when she has been around more times than a carousel. My friend was dating her along with 6 other guys he found out. Would that be called, sloppy seconds, thirds?

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  1. That would be called a merry-go-round. Did you have to go last? No wonder you were a little disappointed! Pony up, save until you can afford to go solo and first. It seems like a lot of money to have 3-minutes of fun but just think of the memories you’ll have of real b*****s and and and your first woman outside your fantasies, little boy. And don’t forget to cut your toenails if you plan to take your shoes off. Brush the nose hairs from your teeth and jerk off beforehand so you can last the whole 3-min!

  2. I guess you are not happy that your husband got on Chrissy’s merry-go-round – hopefully he wasn’t number seven and you didn’t catch the hep C or the itchies
    Get Tested at least Twice
    She’s not really hot but she looks good enough – she looks easy and that makes her more attractive to a guy with a job and a honey-do list and little free time. To put a lot of effort into hitting it and quitting it just doesn’t make much sense when he’s already tired. Her job is to make him feel alive again, even if just for 2-3 minutes. He will secretly be disappointed but what a story for his a*****e friends who always lie to each other about how they dicked this one and sticked that one and how she wouldn’t stop moaning for days. It’s such a sad thrill, merely an apostrophe on a life of quiet desperation.

  3. I remember Chrissy when she first hit the club scene, a young inquisitive girl who would study dance moves and imitate them, but put her own twist in the mix. She stayed all night and made friends easily, but usually came alone. She would most often leave to this after party or that and then I didn’t see her around for awhile. She showed up last week and I was and wasn’t surprised to see she’d been collared. She had a far-away stoned look in her eyes and just sort of swayed in place, balancing a drink between her thumb and fingers. She didn’t even seem to be looking for her Master, just swaying, knowing he would turn up with her leash and it would be time to go. Kinda sad, but it goes with the territory.

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