Charles K. Lee — Corpus Christi, Texas

When this ugly a*s man gets in a girls’ panties he’s quick to leave a trace and get out of Dodge. He can’t believe it keeps happening but the number of overlooked girls desperate for love is huge. In walks Charles with all his teeth and a few kind words to say, he grins his toothy grin and they feel sorry for themselves and him and think maybe they could date, see what happens. He wham bams them and moves on, he’s a cheater with an agenda, f**k as many desperados as possible before his infected d**k fails to work. It’s not jumping to attention lately and he thinks he might be gay, at least bi-curious, he watches a lot of transgender p**n.

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  1. Charles got a mug like his dog and he likes to dog b*****s so they partners in the cheating game he plays with them before he f***s them and then starts walking his dog looking for another one. He a player and likes to p**s on bushes.

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