Carless Kharla — Houston, Texas

There is so much going on with these women. I don’t know where to start, so I guess I’ll start here. She likes to pop bars and sip on a drug called lean meanwhile being a mother of a precious 8-year-old boy. She lost her precious son because she was to busy with her drugs and her love of every d**k out there and even every color WOW what a woman, she’s a real peach. She is also a serial striper it’s all she knows what to do right. Thank G*d her son’s father has him. She goes from job to job but she can’t keep any job for a long period of time. She can’t even keep any friends because she flirts with all their men and their older son’s she needs to be on a very tight leash. This woman is Mexican but she is so ashamed to be called Mexican she would rather be called Native American very sad the most serious thing I can tell you is whatever DRD’S is she has it so please be safe around her.

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  1. She eats alot of pills to kill the pain of her loss. She still young, likes to suck d**k and she even do nastier things when she really f****d up. She don’t care much and sometimes surprise herself and then deny what she just got freaky with doing. She like it dirty but don’t like to talk about it because her friends don’t even knoe how kinky she is and what he does that nobody really no about, like with strangerss.

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