Bryan E. Wilson — Fort Worth, Texas

Gillian Martin dropped his baby like he was not the daddy. Bryan E. Wilson said: … f**k you, don’t let the door hit you in the a*s on the way out. He has plenty of Ho’s he cheats with and a pregnancy isn’t going to change his mind and pin him down. If diapers need changing, some b***h will have to change his f****d up attitude, ask his other baby mamas who don’t recieve a dime in support and had to pay for the doctor visit to get treated for the clap. He’s a well-advertised attorney who toots powdered white candy with his boy Adam Wafford, another cheating, drd-infected piece of s**t who thinks women should shut up and take it in the b**t. Here c**s the judge! Bryan says f**k the judge, too, he’s the Texas Law Hawk and if he wants to cheat on his b*****s and snort coke with his boy Adam and abuse women he will, see you in court, a******s.

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