Breanna Bars – San Antonio, Texas

I met this screwup and went out with her. She has ADHD and is all over the place! Plus, she wears pancake batter of makeup daily on tv. The only redeeming quality she has are her b*****s. They are big!!! If anyone is interested in her you are up for a up and down ride because she is scatter brain.

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  1. When you meet girl with huge tatas and no brain, like Breanna Bars, you show them how much you know. Introduce them to using pillow under there knees, tell them swallowing is good for protein, and how good they make papi feel. You keep them in bedroom for weekend and say you go out to eat later, now for fun time. Make sure you use rubber if you have s*x. Population fill with dumb ones and no brain, make no babiys. Keep given her protein for health and big smile.

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