Brea Maria Monez — Dallas, Texas

This b***h is a prostitute!!! She was my cousin’s friend and sleeping with her husband the whole time!!! If you are in the Dallas area stay away from this woman! She will sleep with your man, uncle, brother, father, etc. When she lives in OK she was outst for being a cheap hooker. Not only that but she is very well known for her b*********y fetishes so yes keep your dogs and horses away from this floozy! She’s had 10 abortions that we know of! And her nudes and s*x tapes are all over the internet. She has ruined my cosuins marriage and plenty of others!!! Beware!!!!

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  1. She has part-time gig with carnival, bites the necks off of beer bottles. I can’t understand how she doesn’t bleed but, they say you can get used to it if you just hang in there…
    I hear she’s thinking about giving up the carnival and joining the circus since she getting so well known around Dallas. And, Brea also has family in Florida, the winter home of Barnum and Baily Circus. Either that or she’s going to give up the gig entirely, she heard that this practice can permanently damage muscles in the face!

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