Brad Chandler — Pearland, Texas

51 year old Bald White Male. 30 plus years of cheating on every single relationship he has ever had. Has Profiles in Every major City. Travels consistently for work. Prefers women isolated with children. Fetish is BDSM. Jeffersonian is his preference and cares only for himself. He has an apartment in Pearland TX. A Farm in Merrill Maine. He has had 27 relationships with women across the country within the last year that I uncovered. He lies about how many children he has. He was married to 2 women both while cheating repeatedly. Raises other women’s children and ends relationships consistently. He feels no remorse for physically abusing women requiring them to submit in sexual acts. Has a severe biting fetish breaking skin, strangles, beats. Requires his a** being licked.

He is an excellent LIAR. LIES about Everything. PET/Master Fetish. In the end I couldn’t find all the women affected by him to save them. There is a female he calls Booboo… Each and every Sport is a different Female, Each City is a Different Female Sometime Several. He mentally attaches food to women. Bragging about restaurants(women)

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