Bernard Curtis — Savannah, Texas

Ladies don’t fall for this guys lies. Bernard Curtis has 3 kids, and lives in Savannah Texas with his girlfriend. He will tell you that he is single and is not with anyone. He’s a charmer and will take you out to dinner to sleep with you only. He sleeps in the same bed with his girlfriend Lauren Gasaway every night while he’s out talking and entertaining other girls. He will lie to your face about everything. Please be careful of this homewrecker and his girl Lauren.

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  1. Bernard had to sleep on his mommas couch two weeks ago. Lauren kicked he a*s to the curb cause he wont watch they kids while she goes out with the girls night. She say it her turn to party with the her girls and cut loose. He won watch kids cause he wants to go out to. She show he a*s tho she dropped kids off to her mom and take he key. He go to mommas cause he aint gots no moneys for the hotel. He sorry a*s. Stop playin boy.

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