Ashley Hankins — Denton, Texas

This whatever you want to call this low life Ashley Hankins is a drug addict who had been in jail more than once. There’s proof on and she lies to men and unfortunately they fall for her s***k a$$ lies. She will not TAKE NO for answer she will lie saying that your man promised her all kinds of stuff and when asked for proof she demands money for information and when you call her out on her BS she tucks tail and runs. She will act all big and bad you know the type “I have Facebook Messenger only b***s” send you messeges then block you so you don’t or can’t respond. If you know her and you have a husband or boyfriend and she”s met them do yourself a favor, go thru his messeges s***k likes to use Facebook, go get yourself tested they may have hooked up and I wouldn’t doubt her having something.

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