Armando Tello — Houston, Texas

He acts like he’s in love with himself and won’t get treated for drd’s. Armando Tello has cheated on anything he’s ever f****d, I even caught him eyeing my neighbor’s shaved poodle dog! He has the body of an underfed hood rat and a dinky little d**k that he thinks is going to make you have multiple o*****s. Have extra batteries for your toy and be prepared to do yourself, this a*****e will be asleep before you even get warmed up. He doesn’t sell many cars and needs a place to stay. Don’t let him move in, you will regret it within days, even if he offers to babysit the kids. He can’t be trusted for a minute and won’t buy any food but will help himself to all the kids lunch snacks and drink milk from the bottle and forget to replace the cap or close the door. He even asked me to do his laundry. No thanks, I already have two kids, I was looking for a man.

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