Anthony Richard Gomez — Texas

Deadbeat Dad since before divorce.. Stopped paying bills, fled North Carolina and in hiding since May 2014 (before divorce finalized.) Since 2011 our son has seen him once, at a Court Ordered class. Last contact he claimed to be moving to Baltimore for a mechanic job at the Harbor.. (99% sure mommy & daddy are hiding him in Texas). He talks a good game, but can’t hold to it. He is a pathological liar who claims to have never been married & not have kids.. He’s addicted to p**n, s*x sites, and hooking up with women on Craigslist.. He would tell the girls I found out about that I was his “crazy ex girlfriend with a baby I claimed to be his.” Hard to stick to that story when I have a marriage certificate, hospital pics of him & our son, message history of him asking me to had another baby with him (Thank G*d I didn’t.) Currently over $11k behind on child support.. Probably trying to play the same game on some one else.

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