Andreanna (Hamzy) Castillo

BEWARE of this repeat adulterer!!! She seems nice but like a snake will find a way to slither in. If your husband works with her you better be on HIGH alert because she will have an affair with a married man there. She has had an affair at every place of employment (typically with the boss) and so far only broke up two marriages. Ladies this snake will send nude and vet provocative photos of herself to your husband to get him interested and then she will strike and the affair is on. She could care less that he has a family at home with kids (which is sad because she has two kids and a long term boyfriend too). She claims to be a G*d fearing Christian woman but that is a front and flat out lie, she’s really a w**** and homewreacker with no morals. Sure hope she taught her kids better. You’ve been warned!!!

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