Amy Delavega — San Antonio, Texas

Watch out for this Amy Delavega guys.I met her at her work (strip club) Strings a ton of guys along and has no regard for being in a relationship.currently sleeps with John,Rueben,her baby daddy,Steven,David and some 50+ year old sugar daddy. BIGGEST sloot I have ever met and seems to have no shame I later found out you can pay for her services.

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  1. amy is working her way up to manager at Taco Bell while she self-shoots these photos for her portfolio. On her next check she’s thinking about a swimsuit with built in support but isn’t sure. She wants Harvey Weinstein to take notice and help her land a role in one of his brothers’ films. She knows theres no future for her at The Bell, the manager has said that she’ll be there forever and she’s only twenty, so do the math.
    Amy did enter an amateur contest at the club Treasure Chest, but only 43 times. She got 3rd place once and she already has the outfits and she’s hopeful for a career outside The Bell, where there’s no real future.

  2. Amy just had photo-shoot with Bustin Out, a low budget rag registered in Vegas. She said she was going to try out for the Rockettes but, as anyone knows, for that to be successful, she would need longer legs! Her Dad is very proud of this picture and keeps it hanging in his garage, right over his motorized bicycle with a Harley decal embossed on the gastank. Victor likes it as well, Amys’ fathers drunken uncle, says just thinking about it puts a little pep in his step. Good job Amy, your life has meaning.

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