Amber Miller — Irving, Texas

I’ve know this tramp for 12 years! She has a baby by my brother and now trying to get with my dad. Oh but wait thats not all, shes married (dude is in jail), talking to another dude in jail, trying to get with my sisters baby’s father, and there’s 3 other guys as well. She has only had one job her whole life at 29 years old no high school diploma, has 2 kids that she pawns off on the weekends, lives with her dad still, and her kids sleep in her room! She’s a worthless piece of s**t that is fake has to use an app to make herself look good!

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  1. When we dated she had green hair. She’s like a rainbo, this color one day and that the next. We don’t go together anymore because we were supposed to meet at a local restaurant and she never showed up. She says she did and I told her she would have been noticeable with her green hair. She said “duh,” St Patty’s Day was over, she showed up as a blond and didn’t see me so she called afriend and they went clubbing and then to party after hours. She met her new man that same night. That;s my luck, always got my head somewhere under a rainbo!

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