Sidney Ballard — Bristol, Tennessee

This is Sidney Ballard. She is a nurse practitioner. She lost her last job because I caught her with my husband in the company parking lot. She knew he was married with children, yet it meant nothing to her to destroy us. He is just as much at fault for this. She however has no code of morals as a woman. Even after the affair was supposed to have ended, she allowed it to happen again. She has never appologized to me. She is only concerned with her self rightiousness. She doesn’t care that my kids are distraught. She doesn’t care about the damage she has inflicted. She is exactly the definition of a selfish, easy, home wrecker.

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  1. Sidney got caught blowing a homeless brother on the city bus and the police were called when she got kicked off at the next stop. She was bent down behind the seat but even the other passengers could see her head bobbing up and down and were split in their reactions, some were snickering and some were disgusted. One old lady made everyone crack up when she told them to get a room.

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