Samantha Marie Young — Maryville, Tennessee

This trashy POS Samantha Marie Young going after married men. She works at Windy City Grill in Maryville off 411. Beware if ur dad, son, boyfriend, or husband go there, because she will jump on them like crabs on a new d#%k. She bounces from guy to guy looking for an easy target. She plays the damsel in distress act perfectly and she sleeps with them within days. So if u need a quick easy ride go visit her. Just make sure u wear a ring so she finds u attractive…

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  1. She served me at the grill and went right after the tip before I left the grill. I flirted with her a little bit but she didn’t seem interested in going after me. I’m easy to catch, too, using a cane for a busted hip and corns on my feet.

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