Melissa Kaye — Memphis, Tennessee

Melissa Kaye knew her co-worker Shaun (who is also a cheater) was in a relationship. Yet she started these sexy texts and playing hard to get. She was meeting him for stolen kisses and drinks after work. They had a little walk in a garden on a Sunday afternoon. This was just after left his girlfriend’s house. This past Friday they both got CAUGHT in the hotel. The only EWomen Networking Melissa is good at is getting with somebody’s man!

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  1. Tramps like this always have an excuse like, he came on to me. She knew way before and chased and acted innocent until she got what she wanted – a d**k in her a*s and dirty c*m in her hungry mouth. S**t.

  2. Melissa doesn’t always play hard to get and offers late-night freebies every now and then. She sucked my d**k in the parking lot in the cab of my truck right under the streetlight. It was all good until I realized I’d been pick-pocketed sometime during the b*****b. She was back in the bar and I left feeling used but not wanting to make a scene for $30 or $40 dollars.

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