Ex Husband Uses Ex Wife for an Ego Boost – Tennessee

Officer upholds law of the land but has no moral code. She was finally in a place to move on and then here he comes back in her life to mess with her head, only to drop her for some girl who played him like a flute. As soon as the new girl screwed him over, he came back to her. Now you would think after this humiliation she would say ” no more” but who can control their heart. This was a pattern over the next two years. But third times a charm. If he doesn’t respect you enough to care about your feelings… F*** HIM. Now the whole time this is going on the youngest child still loves him, and not only does he drop her he drops her kids too. He’s a selfish, manipulative, egomaniac that lies on his dating profile to attract young women only because they don’t know any better. She’s better off but, as her friend, she deserves better and others should be warned.

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