Alex Grace Dickerson — Nashville, Tennessee

Alex Grace Dickerson has s*x with men and women, she goes both ways. She is Floozy and a tramp. She chats with girls and boys and older men and older women and says she’s a hair stylist to break the conversation into familiar territory. She wants to do good and gets preachy if she thinks you’re the type to buy into things, things she wants to sell. Anyway, she dates a loser who was kicked to the curb for lying about cheating, not cheating but lying about it. All social media is filled with young whores and drd’s and everyone wants to get a nut. It’s all how you go about it, just be honest, if you’re a freak say your a freak and wear two rubbers and ski goggles. Anyway, her dumbass dude stays f****d up on alcohol, pills and is heading to the needle without realizing it, a loser. If Alex would just snap out of it, the fitting in bullshit, she might have a chance to not end up a sad statistic. Time will tell, she’ll be offered a pill by the loser, her test, and she might be the first to see him get stuck with the needle. She might be weak but she’ll know for sure hanging out with losers.

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  1. Alex is keeping her options open. She might stay in school or she might just drop out and start selling herself for money and gifts. It would be great she thinks, if some dude payed her rent and car payment. If some hot b***h ate her p***y and took her shopping and bought her nice things. She’s eaten p***y and sucked dicks, she could go either way as long as they’re nice and buy her things. The thought of staying in school and doing nice things for herself is still an option but it’s going to take some hard work. Which way will she go…?

  2. I’ve seen so-called models a lot uglier than this girl, it”s all about positioning and opportunity. She needs to position herself in school and see what opportunities arise. The position by the loser will lead to a different outcome, all very predictable…

  3. She sends out semi-nudes fishing for attention and isn’t interested in getting tied down having babies, she likes guys to hit it and quit it, until she wants them to hit it again, about two hours later.

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