Wendy Robertson — Summerville, South Carolina

This nasty ho seems to think that she is gods gift to the world. She is a do what she needs to do type ho. She claims to be a veteran and honor our military, but I am sure that did not mean service the men using your nasty a** as a friendly port.

My son that I have with the man that she moved to South Carolina died 12/25/2018 and I tried for four years to get a hold of him so my son had a chance at a bone marrow transplant, but this sick a** ho, moved him, blocked all the numbers, returned any mail, shut down all social media for him. I told her what was going on that our son could die, and she hung up on me, and sadly that is just what happened. Then I was accused of being his ex-wife, which later I found out, he was married until 2016. I thought that I was the only one, then I found out about her and then found out that he was married.

This trick a** b**** has a very long history of the men she has either sucked…f@@@ or just took it up the a@@ that is what she does and she uses money as a means to control the men in her life. He is not the only one either, now she claims that she is married to him, meanwhile, her family and his family all think that she is an angle. No this b**** is nothing but a fake a** trick, she needs to be out on Hunts point with the rest of the HO’s.

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