Valerie Adams-Kinley — Simpsonville, South Carolina

Where do you find women that do not cheat and lie because I have yet to find one woman does not cheat and lie all these women are good for is using up all my money and ruining my credit I’m so tired of this woman she made me get evicted twice and made me lose my car she ruined my life.

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  1. She lie like the rug, say she love you and then ask for money. She’s just another w***e who started slow, f**k you first then start begging. Real whores want the money up front, amateurs like Valerie f**k you first then start that whiny s**t, I need new t*****s, my car is a piece of s**t like me…

  2. Val doesn’t cheat and lie, she will tell you straight up that she’s a liar and a cheater and then the ball is in your court – believe her or not.

  3. Valerie is a nasty s**t who will f**k anything and the line of cheaters never ends, she uses them and begs them to death for money and this and that and, finally you realizee why w***e are cheaper in the long run. B*****s like Val just make little cuts and you don’t bleed to death right away, it can take years if you have a little change in the bank. Just give her $25 and do your thing and forget about this leech.

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