Takedra Lampkin — Spartanburg, South Carolina

This needy rat puts herself before other men’s children. Takedra Lampkin would let a child go hungry so she can get a new outfit to w***e around in and get c*m stained. She works at Freightliner Custom Chassis, says they don’t pay her s**t for being a boss b***h. This is where she meets these cheating lowlifes, always on payday for car s*x and b******s; once in awhile at a fleabag hotel for something nastier, like a*s-to-mouth. For this and other considerations, these cheaters bring her gifts they steal from family members. She gladly accepts and steps up her freak game for kids jewelry and lightly worn shoes. Kids hate her and they don’t even know her like that, they just keep losing their stuff to her nasty p***y and a*s. It’s like a black hole, nothing escapes, their things never come back to them, she gets it all. How about asking for a raise, stupid b***h, and buy your own things. Work a little overtime, keep married d**k out your mouth.

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