Jason Hahn — Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

This POS has 3 kids he dont want s**t to do with. My beautiful 2 boys and a beautiful daughter which btw with only her he’s $70,000 in back child support for. And with my 2 nothing was ever set up cause he was either in jail or on the run. he now has a new born son who he says “is worth his time” um excuse me? what about the other 3 kids you helped make? Hes on the run for not reporting to his PO and for his child support for his daughter. We know where he is but sadly they wont go pick his a*s up. This man is the biggest lying piece of s**t to walk this earth. Not wanting anything to do with 3 innocent children how messed up are you? i offered quite a few times to drive down there and skype him so he can see them and his reply was either “your poor and money don;t grow on trees so don’t waste your time” or “whats the point i wont see them for months again” one i work my a*s of to provide for my kids and what the f**k do you do?! NOTHING. And the only person to blame for you not seeing them is YOURSELF. i offered you refused. so have fun living life on the run and just remember. you cant run forever

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