Dr. Todd Vandenberg — Orangeburg, South Carolina

This man is married and has kids. He has a reputation of sweet talking women to sleep with him and knows how to manipulate others very well. I just want others to know what kind of guy he is so they don’t get caught up in his selfish lifestyle.

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  1. He picks up prostitutes and takes them back to his dungeon in the basement, works them over and takes back his money while they look in the mirror for bruises and welts. Watch out for this cheap trick.

  2. The doctor is a cheating tramp who will bring you a few pills once he gets to know you. He says they dropped on the floor and he couldn’t use them but they’re good enough for the escort girls he hires to suck his d**k. He tries to f**k once in awhile but it just takes longer to get rid of him, he wants to stop for too many breaks.

  3. The worst part about f*****g Dr. Todd is that he refuses to take a v****a before he gets to the motel, he takes it when he gets there and you have to wait and listen to his boring stories while he gets it worked up hard enough to get it in you. The two minutes go by fast enough iff you leave the tv on but, afterwards it’s pure misery, the loser wants to sing to you while he waits for the hour to be up and he wants the whole hour, that’s what he pays for, up front. He only knows old skool s**t.

  4. Dr. Todd Vandenberg is a little perverted and makes dirty jokes with the women patients who see him. He tried to meet me after work after several visits and I started insisting that a female be in the room with me at all times until I found another doctor. I just felt very uncomfortable being alone with him in the room.

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