Zanc Roxana — Dej, Romania

First off, I willingly and openly admit to who I am because what I’m about to discuss is something I consider a serious issue. There are a lot of adult webcam sites depicting men and women from all over the world, most of which are actual “entertainers”, but not all. Some are literally internet gold diggers, who will lie, cheat and steal from people by seducing them with false promises. Enter in Zanc Roxana, one internet sensation from Dej Romania, or better known as deepintoyourmind, who is still working on a site called because she doesn’t care that what she does is destroying her family. I met her on this site in early 2015, but it wasn’t until she saw I had money to spend that she finally lured me into her web of lies in May 2015. What I am about to admit will also shame me as an absolute idiot for ever believing that what a webcam model says should ever be taken seriously. Between June and July 2015, is when I started investing in our relationship, via large and unexpected tips via her webcam occupation. Ranging from as little as $80 up to $320 per session with 1 session reaching over $1,000. Just in these 2 months alone, I probable spent over $5,000 but it didn’t end there. After her luring me in with statements of an unhappy marriage, a husband who hits her after he’d been drinking to countless other pleas for a good life, I was willing to take her away from all that pain and misery. So, I guess technically I would be the homewrecker here, but only due to her persistent lies about her awful marriage. The ironic part of all this is when we first started our “internet relationship”, her first statement to me was, “I hate liars” with which I took as a sign that surely she must be honest to say something so to the point. Over the next 18 months, our relationship continued, including me visiting her in Dej Romania. First time was for 3 weeks in October 2015 and a second trip for 3 months from September thru November 2016. Of course, there’s a lot more to this story between that time and I can’t leave out any important details. Originally, I agreed with her that she didn’t need to get divorced, because she was the mother of 2 and she didn’t want to hurt them. That changed after about a month of talking on the phone and hangouts. In fact, before I ever agreed to meet her, I told her I expected her to get a divorce so we could have a legitimate relationship. I was convinced that her children were already suffering in what she claimed was a dying marriage. Of course, after getting to know her and how much time she spends on this site, working, not to mention all the time she spends offline in hangouts talking with her customers. I came to realize, she didn’t care about her husband, her children or anyone else but herself. She will say that she did it for the money, but let’s be honest. She was making more money than I did in a month and I promise you, her monthly expenses in Romania aren’t even half of what a normal person deals with here in America. So there was no need for her to spend as much time doing what she did, neglecting her family for literally hours, simply to get rich. Not to mention, she worked from home a lot, while her children were there, putting them at risk for some serious psychological trauma from all of this. Granted, her boy who is age 10 or 11 and her daughter who was around age 8 would even be left home alone during the night, because her husband was working, just so she could sneak off to be with me while I was visiting. It wasn’t until around April 2016 that I realized that not only was she cheating on her husband with me, but she was cheating on me with other people via phone s*x and other sexually explicit arrangements. Now, I don’t consider her job a form of cheating because it’s how she earned a living, but she wasn’t making money from these occasional sexual adventures. She did it because she wanted to get her rocks off. Which in the end, is still cheating. At this point, I wanted out of the relationship but she wouldn’t have any of that. She literally cried and begged me not to leave her. Such as calling me 10+ times in a row leaving heartbreaking messages. Of course, I being the idiot that I am, once again felt pity on her. I did however explain to her in great detail, that by staying together, that we will only end up hurting each other even more in the end. That is exactly what happened over the next 6 to 9 months. With nonstop trust issues leading to breakup after breakup all the way into my second trip to Romania for 3 months. Which by the way, I wanted to use to visit another friend who lived in Bucharest instead, but Roxana being Roxana, lied about making everything ok and convinced me to come back to see her in Dej. In short, this was nothing less than a hopeless romantic catastrophe meets Basic Instinct on the internet. Overall, I was down about $15,000 total in gifts, trips and hotel / apartment rent. So you might be asking, why am I here and bothering to explain all this to the public? Well, I was not the first person Roxana tried to meet via the internet, oh heavens no. First it was some guy she calls Ali, whom she met through a dating site called Tagged who I believe she said was from Bosnia. That particular engagement is a whole other story involving, terrorism, espionage, hackers and so on, according to her of course. After Ali, there was another gentleman whom I won’t name here and will just refer to D76, but also met Roxana through the same website as me and probably lured in with the same lies. He however was the smart one and never pursued her after getting to know her for about 6+ months. So I am here, in order to prevent others from falling prey to her gold digging agenda. In fact, there is another guy who frequents her website now, who I will only refer to as ODR which from third party sources informed me that he left his girlfriend / wife of 12 years in order to focus on Roxana. This has to stop people. She has to be stopped. She is ruining people’s lives and she doesn’t care. I might go as far as to call her an internet fraud or scam artist. While writing this and doing what I’m doing does seem petty and childish or simply an act of revenge. It’s more than just having my heart broken. I spent a lot of money too, all based on false promises, just so she can live a rich lifestyle.

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