Molliena Rounds — Providence, Rhode Island

Molliena uses her eyelashes to float around the strip club serving cheaters drinks and dreaming of the night she can strut her nasty p***y across the stage. She sees some of those tramps making extra money for car s*x in the parking lot and she knows her boyfriend would be okay with that, he’s a stoner and a wimp. She earns the drug money and supports his a*s and, if he gives her one more drd, she’s going to find a new d******d to get off with, the club is full of choices.

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    1. Henri … Zip it.. You don’t even know me and if you know me it’s from AFAR… I don’t talk to cornballs… Why are all of you up here acting so petty .. like b**ches… You look dumb…

  1. Aww Jenkins is that all ya got for a roast for me?? Your corny… And once your corny you cant uncorny yourself 🤣🤣🤣🤣 ….

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