Gina Parise Ferri — Warwick, Rhode Island

Started the affair in May 2014, ended in January after the other guys wife found out. She had a baby and got married in this time, the other guy did as well. Her best friend Nikki cheats on her husband too with a cop, so I guess misery loves company. They both would leave work early or stay late to have s*x in the office or in her house. The word “love” was thrown around, she wanted him to leave his family for her, because she hates the one she has. Disgusting excuse of a woman.

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  1. Gina told me she loved me to, after the bar closed, after we both got off in the back of my PT Cruiser in the parking lot. This wasn’t the first time we got together, maybe the third or fourth, and she wasn’t drunk, just buzzed and relaxed. She did seem more passionate, but we had both been open and agreed we were not looking for any type of commitment. I didn’t lie to her and just pulled her close and kissed her. I said I had to go and she seemed okay, if a little distant. We just exchanged friendly texts, after and since, both keeping any emotion out of it, and there’s been no talk of getting together. I think she wants to jump ship.

  2. Gina was just voted biggest s**t in the smallest state. She feels like a winner and is posting nudes to get more followers. She also will let you f**k her for some likes.

  3. Gina had to retake her cat-fishing picture, in the first one she forgot to flush the t**d down the drain and she hates competition. One picture, one t**d, that’s her standard for being a mirror w***e and cheating and spreading drd’s. Thanks for the courtesy flush, Gina, but your s**t still stinks.

  4. She need a tan an some shades to go with that Ho look she be posing for. Holla baby if you needs a strong man to keep you in the good Ho life.

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