Todd Fischer – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

This guy is a total POS. I work with this loser at ABM/Tegg. The majority of us cannot stand this guy. He is the epitome of the sleaze bag salesman. He has cheated on his wife/ex-wife and girlfriends every time he takes a business trip. I cannot tell you how many women this man has slept with. He makes over 6 figures and basically gets paid to party. He has made the remarks that he “hates coming into the office because we are all so depressing”. Well, If we all made 6 figures to drink, party and cheat on our wives I guess maybe we would not be so depressing. He left our company to go and work like a dog collar salesman. That was an epic fail and he came crawling back to our company. We were all so happy when he left. Now, he makes more money than he did when he left. He threw some huge tantrum over not “getting the bonus he thought he deserved” and he quit. Our management team has clearly not done a background check on him recently. He was evicted from his home by an ex-girlfriend. Apparently, he sucked so bad as a boyfriend he was kicked out of his house. The women at our company can’t stand this man. They all know about his cheating and no one wants to be in a room alone with him. He makes everyone uncomfortable. All he did was complain about his bosses before he left and they hired him back. He even tried to recruit some of the sales team to go to the dog collar company with him. Luckily they were all smarter than he is and didn’t leave. His conduct is unprofessional, he has no place at our company.

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