Natasha Perkins – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Natasha DeAnn Perkins was MARRIED to another woman and told me they were broken up not living together. She played with my emotions and I was not in a place where I had clarity. Of course I stayed with her like a fool…while she went back and forth between me and her wife….in the end we were together but turned out that she is a pathological liar and is incapable of being honest about even the most mundane day to day life things! I ended things….no trust:…what did I expect?Granted I was not perfect….I take responsibility for the wrong I’ve done…I’m not doing this to get back at her….Well maybe a wee bit is.. I just know how smooth she is….:how charming she can be… she can look you tight in the eyes and lie without any remorse for having done so. Right before ending the relationship I saw that she had downloaded the tinder app. SMH once a cheater always a cheater right?

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