James Beury Rowan University beuryj@rowan.edu

James Beury travels all around searching on a woman to have s*x with both on Craigslist and backpage. He cheated on his wife. He has 2 kids and failed marriages. He will tell you his whole entire life story about how everyone has turned their back on him. He will make you feel sorry for him.

He will sleep with anything that walks. Beware of him and all of his lies. He shouldn’t be allowed to be employee at Rowan University beuryj@rowan.edu.

This “Student Services Specialist” James Beury preys on vulnerable women on campus, and then exploits his position.. He tells them things they want to hear, things that will make them smile… Sure, these are things their husbands and boyfriends should say. James is giving Rowan University a bad name, and dragging down a good school by being a piece of #@$=.

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