Gianna Cuccurullo — Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

This nasty b***h has given a lot of men the clap, So date her at your own risk. This c**t will cry to your face about how much she loves you on the phone, At the same time, she is having a d**k in her mouth and p***y wow nasty. When this c**t gets caught cheating it’s not her fault it’s yours. She was married to a really good guy and messed it all up. She wasn’t happy enough messing up her family, She even ruined a man’s family, She moved in as a friend ended up f*****g him and his wife beat her a*s and took the kids and left their cheating a*s in the dust. This b***h is also known as a call girl in these cities rouge lounge and NY. She is only worried about her Pepsi her men not her children or husband sad s**t what a pile of trash she is.

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