Dahvie Vanity – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Dahvie is a fashion freak who lures young girls to his world and abuses them. He stopped for a while but cheated on his promise to stop, sent nudes to minors, abused again, and should be in prison as soon as detectives get someone to testify against him. He’s a pedophile and young girl beater and rapist. He prefers them to be between 10 and 14-years old, ripe for abuse. Hopefully, he’ll be cured in prison and the circle will be complete.

http://www.metalsucks.net/2018/08/01/blood-on-the-dance-floors-dahvie-vanity-accused-of-sexually-assaulting-multiple-women-many-while-they-were-underage/amp/ www.instagram.com/officialbotdf www.twitter.com/officialdahvie

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  1. He tell all new boyfriends that he is going to replace Gene from band KISS. Some of them believe him while he laying out lines and then disappear when it time for the blow.

  2. He’s a creepy little infected f**k. He gave my daughter syphilis and she’s only 14. He tried to say he didn’t have s*x with her and then said she gave it to him. He’s a confused f**k who likes boys, too, likes getting f****d in his dirty, colorful a*s.

  3. This little f****t wanna-be is a child predator who chases little boys and girls who think he’s fashionable, the next Farrah Faucet on acid. He gives kids pills and alcohol to lure their pants off and abuse them while they’re passed out. If you see this strange c********r around your kids, call the police and help us build a case that will put him in prison where he can entertain his friends.

  4. Dahvie was recently spotted following a couple pre-teen boys into the restroom at the mall. He hurried out after one of them raced to find his mother and the other trailed behind pulling up his pants and looking frightened. Mall security was called but this freak was long gone by then. Dahvie’s on the prowl, again!

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