Victory Vivian Noller — Portland, Oregon

her dancer name i victory her real name is vivian noller this girl faked having cancer to get me back in her life and have my girlfriend dump me. she sabatoged my relationship. when we dated she was a pathological lier. she fuked dudes. she was known for hooking up in the club. / champagne room. she has drds. being one of them. and her v****a smells like death. she ones watched me get brutally beat up. and then went and slept with a guy that same.night. THIS CHICK IS PURE SELFISH EVIL. stay away dont be fooled. shes no faith full and she will ruin your life. she was arrested for domestic abuse on me. shes fuked over 90 guys 20 of them probably while dating me.

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  1. This is what strippers do when they’re not dancing, use their cell phone for a mirror to see how the latest borrowed outfit looks on them. It’s only been used by two other girls, practically brand new, she thinks. Does it make me look tip worthy, perky and cute? It was almost free, she picked it up for a fat line of pepsi that was mostly cut. Ahhh, the good life! Snap and send, see what mom thinks about her little s**t angel, turning tricks without leaving the club. No car action for this smart stripper, she rubs them on and tugs them off.

  2. She looks like she’s ready to draw a weapon and shoot some sleaze all over everyone from her squirt gun. The green patch between her legs hides the nasty stain that you would ordinarily see in cotton panties. Put that gun away, b***h, no one needs to die today.

  3. Bottoms up! You can get with her in The Champagne Room, she’s very discreet but stinks a little. Just don’t put your nose too close to her moneymaker..

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