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William Portuese — Seattle, Washington

I am ex-employee that is going to expose the truth about Dr. William Portuese. I’m ninety-nine percent to blame. I was taught the scam from start to finish. Okay if you go to his website you will see photos of people before and after the plastic surgery. The photos are fake and stolen off Google Images and use the software called Photoshop. I am a web developer and I did the photos for him and installed them on his website. He doubles up on money on people’s Insurance charges them outrageous fees. A lot of patients cancel their appointment because something came up and he goes head of bills them anyways and not tell them. It’s called fraud. I feel sorry for his poor wife because he’s been having an affair at work. On the weekends he’s always contacting escort services meeting up with these girls for s*x and giving them money. There is not one plastic surgeon job he’s ever done for anybody that came out perfect. If you don’t believe me ask him for proof. His excuse does not show you or tell you because of the HIPAA law. The man lies through his teeth 90 percent of the time he believes his own lies. 95% of the money he receives from the victims he uses for escort services. Now people will find this complaint it’ll be on the first page of Google people will find out the truth about him and his dirty business. Now his victims can now upload your photo and show proof of what kind of monster this man is. This monster will tell you the words you want to hear so he can squeeze that buck out of you. 95% of the good reviews about his services on Google it is written by him and his colleagues. I’m not that type of person to write a bad review on someone but I figure I’m doing the right thing and maybe this will help someone that won’t become the victim of this doctor

Dr William Portuese
1101 Madison St #1280
Seattle, WA, 98104 USA

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  1. Good for you for letting people know the truth about a monster like this, some people think they can get away with anything. My late mother had a cancer doctor like this scumbag, William Portuese, who ordered five chemo sessions within two months in her weakened condition. She went through with three of them before succumbing to death and the doctor billed her insurance for everything and then some. I’m sure he made double payments on his boat and third mansion. A crooked b*****d who should cook in h**l for using his medical license to profit off the sick and elderly.

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