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Stripe — Avoid at All Costs

As I am writing this, I am currently looking for other payment-processors for my name. It is astonishing that a company as serious as people would ever recommend or have Stripe as one of their main payment-processors. Stripe is an extremely unprofessional and unaccredited company. They have no customer-service phone line; and basically no form of telecommunication. Most of their customer-service is automated (bots), and it is extremely difficult to find an actual representative (with experience) that is willing to investigate and help you with a particular case. Recently, I received a dispute for ‘fraudulent’ order. An order of over $550.00 that was paid, handled, and successfully processed almost 3 months ago! How is it possible, that after 3 long months, and after their own ‘fraud-analysis’ (which Stripe does on every order you receive) was cleared, suddenly the order is marked as fraudulent? Instead of helping you with the case, they make you submit evidence (which I did, and I submitted irrefutable evidence), yet they still make you wait about 1-month for a response; in which almost, 80% or more (regardless of how professional your business is) the customer’s bank will deny the dispute and you will lose your hard-earned money. What angers me the most, is that we emailed the customer, we shipped the order on time (perfect conditions, new item, boxed properly), and the customer never even communicated with us to let us know that there was something wrong with the order. Stripe is unprofessional (and I would even argue that some of their activity is illegal). They immediately put their hands on my bank, without any right, after over 2 months of an order, which was not fraudulent as the customer claimed (according to Stripe’s own fraud-analysis mechanism), plus the customer’s shipping/billing-address matched perfectly, and the address was a medical-center (we sell medical/dental related products). We will escalate this particular case with our bank, as we will not allow Stripe to illegally abuse their power and take our hard-earned money, especially when the customer has not even returned the product back to us. We will also eliminate Stripe immediately from our store. I would advise anyone that is professional, and that has been selling online for years, to look for a better and more professional payment-processor. Stripe is an absolute joke of a company.

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