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Stalker, Predator Christian Graus

This lowlife, troublemaking scumbag is a piece of s**t! Christian Graus is a far-left freak from Dromedary, Tasmania. He is a bullying radical who stalks, exposes, and harasses people that he disagrees with. He loves Antifa and travels to far away lands to cause chaos and disorder with conservative people that he doesn’t like.

Christian Graus has Asperger’s Syndrome, which causes him to be naturally egocentric, selfish, entitled, and inconsiderate. He doesn’t have a job, and still lives at home with his mother, in Tasmania. This idiot is mentally disabled and should not be allowed to travel anywhere on his own. He should be locked away, under extreme supervision, like other slow and mentally retarded people are. This creep should not be allowed on the streets, nor should he be allowed on social media/the internet, at all. His phone and other electronic devices should be taken away from him.

It is unclear as to if this loser is straight, gay, bi, or asexual. It doesn’t matter. Avoid him! Christian Graus is an extremist, no-hoper who thinks he is somebody important.

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