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Siskiyou County Scumbag DA Kirk Andrus does Favors for his Friends in the Mormon Church

Siskiyou County District Attorney Kirk Andrus is a self-righteous, pompous arrogant coward who uses his elected office to enrich his friends in the Mormon Church and takes proactive steps to minimize the chances of Mormons being prosecuted in Siskiyou County.

In other words, Siskiyou County District Attorney Kirk Andrus is a worthless piece of rectal filth who is an abomination not only to his wife and daughters, but to his community and to his country as well.

Siskiyou County District Attorney Kirk Andrus is a scumbag who uses the powers of Siskiyou County law enforcement to victimize innocents with tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees, then publicly mocks his victims when they have trouble coming up with the money. All while Kirk Andrus and his fellow Mormon Scum friends the Ingraham family get a free legal help, courtesy of the taxpayer.

“Hey Kirk…those taxpayer economic development funds were intended to promote desperately needed economic growth in your small town of Mount Shasta…it was not the intent for those funds to end up in the bank accounts of your friends in the Mormon Church, you clueless dumb f**k”

Learn the true nature of Kirk Andrus.

Learn the true nature of his daughter Abby Andrus.

Learn the true nature of the Mormons of Mount Shasta, and learn the true nature of Mount Shasta Mormon Scum.
We lost everything we had in life to the Mormons of Mount Shasta while Kirk Andrus masturbated after we alerted him in writing.

Dirty, Filthy, Deceptive, Dishonest Mormon Scum. 100% Pure Mormon Rectal Filth.

Learn how Kirk Andrus and the rest of the Mount Shasta Mormons treated me and my family when we moved to Mount Shasta.

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